The word Merkava means ‘Throne-Chariot’ and is the main battle tank that represents the backbone of Israeli armor elements, it also refers to the throne, or “chariot,” of G-d as described by Ezekiel.

Time began for Merkava Industries in 2013, when the company embarked on a journey to make exceptionally crafted military-grade watches of remarkable quality modeled after Israel’s top-grade military tank.
Proud the be at the heart of the dawn of Israeli watchmaking, Merkava, meaning “throne,” is named for its inspiration, the Israeli Army’s premier battle tank that was born in the early days of the Jewish state and still protects it today. And like its inspiration, the company’s mission is to set the industry standard for precision, durability and strength. The art of making a watch that looks as at home in the boardroom and performs as well under pressure is their passion.
As a young child, Merkava CEO and founder Joseph Djemal loved all things mechanical, taking apart and reassembling everything he could find. But it was when his Israeli grandfather, and namesake, gave Joseph his first watch that he discovered his true passion. Over many precious hours spent together, Joseph’s grandfather opened the world of horology to Joseph – teaching him all he knew and letting his grandson tinker with and repair his collection of antique timepieces.

Watch Movement
Merkava Watches draw inspiration and design from the IDF’s Merkava tank and are engineered to withstand the rugged conditions of Israel.

Today, the heart of Joseph’s collection is the watch his grandfather bequeathed to him, the watch his grandfather put on each morning, a watch that still keeps perfect time.