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Yaacov Heller

Yaacov Heller is a globally recognized and acclaimed Sculptor, Artist, and Jewelry Designer. He was born in 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. His artistic inclination started at age five and was carefully nurtured. In 1972 Yaacov established residence in Jerusalem, Israel where he set up his studio, workshop, and foundry for the production of his superbly crafted and uniquely recognizable sculpture and jewelry. Rated among the world’s top sculptors and silversmiths, Yaacov’s designs are known for their rare intricacy, attention to detail, unique interpretation of the human form and spirit, as well as for his personal, unswerving commitment to artistic quality.

Much of Yaacov’s inspiration comes from the Bible’s most dramatic events, as he faithfully produces them in a variety of media — including pewter, silver, bronze, and gold.

Much of Yaacov’s inspiration comes from the Bible’s most dramatic events, as he faithfully produces them in a variety of media — including pewter, silver, bronze, and gold.

Yaacov Heller’s works have garnered recognition and admiration from art critics and world leaders alike. He has been, on numerous occasions, commissioned to create historically significant works for presidents. kings, heads of state and other dignitaries. Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, George Bush , Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Hosni Mubarak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Jacque Chirac, Yitzhak Rabin and Anwar Sadat are among a few of the world leaders who own pieces bearing the Yaacov Heller signature…… (see website for complete “About Yaacov Heller”  http://www.yaacovheller.com/#!page-1 )


Domar Artists, a family owned ceramic manufacturer, was started by Israeli born Pinhas Domovitz who spent several years in Germany in the early 1980’s.

His earlier experimental works with glass and clay won him recognition by the President of the Union of German Artists, and s second prize for Young Artists.

Domar Artists’ one-of-a-kind ceramic creations are world famed for their extraordinary beauty and stunning hand painted decor in sterling silver with white and gold platinum.

Over the years, these outstanding works of art gained recognition by an exclusive clientele of celebrities.

Following is a partial list of recipients of Domar Artists’ works:

  • In March 1993, the late Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Yitzhak Rabin, presented President and Mrs. Bill Clinton with a replica of an antique bowl
  • Former British Prime Minister Mrs. Margaret Thatcher received a pottery decorated with sterling silver
  • President Michael Gorbachev received an exclusive plate with Jerusalem motive decorated with silver 925K
  • President Vladimir Putin received from President of Israel Peres a picture with Jerusalem motive decorated with white and gold platinum
  • Former American Secretary of State Mr. George Shultz received an antique pottery
  • Former American Vice President Mr. Al Gore received a replica of an antique pottery decorated with silver
  • Mr. E. Rosenthal Chief Editor of the New York Times, and the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, received an exclusive Menorah
  • Mr. Shimon Peres presented the late King Hussein of Jordan with an extraordinary gift of a large vase, a replica of an antique pottery decorated with sterling silver. This inspired King Hussein to start a collection of Domar Artists’ creations displayed to this day in his palace in Amman
  • Israel’s prestigious Bar-Ilan University presented Prof. Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Prize Peace Winner, with a uniquely structured Menorah molded on a rock and decorated with white platinum


Founded over a century ago, in 1888, Lalique has endured as the ultimate symbol of french luxury. Lalique has five main categories: decorative items, interior design, jewelry, perfumes and art.


Frank Meisler

His sculptures in limited edition and individual works are often commissioned by Israel’s Prime Ministers, as well as the heads of state of other countries as presentation gifts for state occasions.

In addition to one-man exhibitions and public sculptures in many parts of the world, Meisler’s work is on permanent view in galleries in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, The Caribbean , Moscow and Kiev.

The artist has designed the interior of the first synagogue built in Moscow this century, and sculptures on the site of Russia’s National War Memorial.

His public sculptures have been erected in Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Miami, Santo Domingo, England, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Frank Meisler’s autobiography “On the Vistula Facing East”, was first published in 1996 by Andre Deutsch, London and has been reprinted.

In 1999, the Czech Academy of Art awarded him the ‘Franz Kafka’ Gold Medal for Artistic Achievement.

In 2002, both the Russian and the Ukrainian Academies of Art elected him Honorary Academician.

In 2006 the sculpture group, “Children of the Kindertransport” was erected in Hope Square, Liverpool Street Station, London.

He was awarded with the “Freedom of the City of London”. Two additional sculpture groups commemorating the departure and journey of the Kindertransport were erected in Berlin and Gdansk in 2008 and 2009.”Trains to Life, Trains to Death” and “Kindertransport – the Departure”.

In December 2011 he unveiled a public sculpture in the port of Rotterdam, Holland “Channel Crossing to Life”. In January 2012 Meisler was awarded the Order of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In May 2015 he erected the 5th Kindertransport sculpture group “The Final Parting” in Hamburg, Germany.

Meisler’s work is characterized by a sense of movement and revelation – “The opening and closing of the doors of life”.

It is a synthesis both powerful and personal. Every sculpture beckons you to explore its magic.